In Retrospect: A Journey through Literature

Stage 3: A Deep Dive into Literature
File 2 represents the third stage of my research journey. As I mentioned earlier, this particular repository is replete with my hand-drawn notes, musings, and original thoughts. The predominant focus of this file was the meticulous review of existing literature.

Review of Literature File

Initiating the Literature Review: A Research’s Backbone
The image here captures the nascent stages of the Review of Literature. It’s worth emphasizing that a thorough literature review isn’t just an obligation—it’s the very backbone of genuine, impactful research.

Flow chart to review 1

Hand-Drawn Flow of Thoughts: Leaving No Stone Unturned
Crafting a hand-drawn flow diagram was essential to ensure that my review of the literature was exhaustive and methodical, ensuring no critical area of study was overlooked.

Flow chart to review 2

A Chronological Delve into Boger’s Legacy
The flowchart meticulously maps out Boger’s invaluable contributions, from the year 1905 up to his demise in 1935. Alongside, the emphasis was also placed on creating a detailed bibliography.

Letter to Dr. LD Dhawle

A Personal Touch: Boger’s Correspondence with Dr. LD Dhawale
The image showcases an excerpt from a personal letter of Boger to Dr. LD Dhawale, offering a unique and intimate peek into their professional camaraderie.

From Dr. P. Sankaran

Dr. P. Sankaran’s Perspectives on Boger’s Contributions
It’s intriguing to delve into what Dr. P. Sankaran, another stalwart in the field, had to express regarding Boger’s monumental works.

From Dr. KN Kasad

A Highlight from the ICR Symposium: Dr. KN Kasad’s Take on Boger
Here, we get to witness Dr. KN Kasad’s insights about Boger, shared during the illuminating sessions of the ICR Symposium.

From Dr. Julian Winston

Insights from Across the Ocean: Dr. Julian Winston’s Communication
The image brings forth a riveting correspondence from Dr. Julian Winston, shedding light on his viewpoints and interactions pertaining to the subject.

From Dr. Klaus of Canada

An International Perspective: Dr. Kluas of Canada Weighs In
Another fascinating international perspective comes from Dr. Kluas, hailing from Canada, enriching the multi-faceted discussion on Boger and his works.

From Dr. DP Rastogi

Moments with Prof. Dr. DP Rastogi: An Intellectual Exchange
This glimpse captures the essence of my meeting with Prof. Dr. DP Rastogi, marking yet another significant episode in my research journey.

steps to find missing remedies

Identifying the Gaps: Scrutinizing BSK-VI for Missing Remedies
The last image showcases the meticulous notes taken to identify potential missing remedies in BSK-VI and the subsequent rigorous process of their verification.

These handwritten notes, insights, and invaluable correspondences are emblematic of the collaborative spirit and dedication that research demands. As I reflect upon these formative stages, I am filled with profound gratitude for all the brilliant minds that influenced and steered my path. Their contributions, directly or indirectly, have been instrumental in shaping ‘Boger’s Legacy’. It’s a testament to the idea that true knowledge is built on collaboration, reflection, and unyielding passion.

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