Prof. Dr. Daryani’s Voice Message & Navigating the Highs and Lows of an Unexpected Day

26th October 2023, a day etched in my memory, exemplifies the profound duality of life’s experiences. It was a day that began with a sense of accomplishment and ended in a reflective sombreness, reminding me of the delicate balance of joy and sorrow that life invariably holds.

In the early hours of the morning, as the first light crept through my window, I received a voice message that filled my heart with a sense of professional fulfilment and personal pride. It was from Prof. Dr. J.D. Daryani — a teacher whose guidance and wisdom has been a beacon in journey of students’ lives.

His words, brimming with praise and encouragement, were in recognition of my recent work, ‘Boger’s Legacy’. His voice, resonant with pride and appreciation, not only acknowledged my endeavours in the field of homeopathy but also reinforced the invaluable relationship.

This message was a reminder of how far I had journeyed in my profession, and it filled me with a profound sense of gratitude and motivation.

Yet, as the day unfolded, it brought with it a stark reminder of life’s unpredictability and the intertwined nature of joy and grief.

That evening, upon returning from my clinic, I learned of the unfortunate passing of Mrs. JD Daryani. The news arrived as a sombre contrast to the morning’s jubilance, casting a shadow of sorrow over the earlier light.

It was a poignant reminder that while we celebrate our achievements and cherish the accolades, we are also bound by the shared human experiences of loss and empathy.

This contrast of emotions, experienced within the span of a single day, underscored a deeper philosophical truth about our existence.

Life, in its intricate dance, weaves together threads of joy and sorrow, creating a tapestry that is rich with diverse experiences. Each thread, whether coloured in the bright hues of success or the sombre shades of grief, adds depth and meaning to our journey.

As I reflect on that day, I am reminded of the delicate balance we navigate in our lives. The voice message from Prof. Dr. Daryani, and the news of his wife’s passing represent the dual nature of our experiences – moments of achievement and periods of reflection, each shaping us in profound ways. It is a testament to the resilience of the human spirit and the interconnectedness of our shared journeys.

In this post, I wish to transcribe the heartfelt message I received that morning and delve deeper into its significance, not only in the context of my professional journey but also as a reflection of the broader tapestry of life that we all are part of.

Anil, …… it is difficult to recognise a raw coal piece, …. which is dark, …. quite dark, …. and solid, …. without transparency, ….. it is always to be considered the ugly, black means ugly, … but today, … you turn the concept that coal or rock … can be demandable … precious matter … and you became a diamond.

The metaphor in Prof. Dr. Daryani’s words resonates deeply within me, painting a vivid picture of transformation and realization.

This comparison of a raw, unassuming piece of coal transforming into a precious diamond beautifully encapsulates my own professional and personal journey.

Coal, in its most natural state, is often overlooked due to its dark and unrefined appearance, much like the humble beginnings or unseen efforts in any endeavour.

However, it’s this very coal, under the right conditions of pressure and time, that transforms into a diamond – a symbol of strength, brilliance, and value.

Prof. Dr. Daryani’s analogy extends beyond a mere observation; it is a profound acknowledgment of the process of growth and refinement that I have undergone in my career.

It’s a testament to the idea that true worth and beauty often lie beneath the surface, waiting to be revealed through perseverance and dedication.

This message, coming from a mentor of such stature and experience, not only fills me with a sense of accomplishment but also serves as a reminder of the potential that lies within each challenge we face.

As I reflect on his words, I am reminded that our journey, much like the coal’s path to becoming a diamond, is filled with pressures and challenges, each playing a crucial role in shaping us into who we are destined to become.

It’s a narrative of transformation that speaks volumes about the power of resilience and the beauty of achieving one’s true potential.

…. whatever you are doing, … it is your labour, it is your skill, you have got enough potentiality … that still … more finishing, more polishing will give your work, and that work will shine with full brightness, that everybody will be enlightened, … and specially homeo world, homeo fraternity, world community … will recognise you, what kind of person you are, and what quality of education is imparting in India … and in post-graduation.

Prof. Dr. Daryani’s message continued to underscore a theme that is as inspiring as it is humbling. He spoke of labor and skill, the twin pillars upon which any significant achievement is built.

His words ‘whatever you are doing, it is your labour, it is your skill’ are a powerful reminder that our accomplishments are not just a matter of chance or external recognition, but the result of our own hard work and inherent abilities.

The encouragement to continue refining and polishing my work reflects the belief that excellence is a continual process, not a finite goal.

This part of his message, focusing on the potential for even greater achievements, suggests a bright future where my efforts will not only shine brightly but also enlighten others.

The emphasis on the impact within the homeopathy world and beyond, where my contributions could be a beacon for others, particularly in the realms of education in India and in postgraduate studies, is both a responsibility and an honour.

It is a recognition that the work we do has far-reaching effects, influencing not just our immediate surroundings but also the larger global community.

This perspective reinforces the notion that our professional endeavours, especially in fields like homeopathy, are interconnected with the broader fabric of society, carrying the potential to inspire, educate, and lead.

Prof. Dr. Daryani’s belief in my ability to make a significant impact is both an encouragement and a call to action, to strive for excellence and to make meaningful contributions to the world of homeopathy and beyond.

मां का लाडला, … बाप की उंगली पकड़ के जब चलता था तो कौन जानता था कि यह जीवन में एक बहुत बड़ा आदर्श बनेगा…. मां बाप का तो रोशन करेगा नाम, और अड़ोस पड़ोस वालों का भी करेगा, … स्कूल वालों का भी करेगा, और यार कहेंगे कि यह हमारे साथ खेलता था, …. और हमारे जैसे कहेंगे अनिल यू आर द हीरो ऑफ द टाइम.

Prof. Dr. Daryani’s heartfelt words, delivered in the warmth of our native Hindi, evoke a sense of nostalgia and deep connection. His reference to a childhood marked by simplicity and innocence – ‘मां का लाडला, बाप की उंगली पकड़ के जब चलता था’ – is a poignant reminder of our humble beginnings.

It is a universal story of growth, where each of us starts as a dependent child, unknowingly destined for greater things.

The transformation from a child, once walking hand in hand with his parents, to a figure of admiration and a role model in life, as Prof. Dr. Daryani beautifully puts it – ‘यह जीवन में एक बहुत बड़ा आदर्श बनेगा’ – is a testament to the journey we all undertake in different capacities.

The profound sense of fulfilment in bringing pride not only to one’s parents but also to the wider community – neighbours, schoolmates, and friends – is captured in his words.

 The phrase ‘मां बाप का तो रोशन करेगा नाम, और अड़ोस पड़ोस वालों का भी करेगा, स्कूल वालों का भी करेगा’ resonates with the collective pride that a community feels in the accomplishments of one of its own.

It is a reminder that our achievements are not just personal triumphs but also beacons of hope and inspiration for those around us.

The image of old friends reminiscing – ‘यह हमारे साथ खेलता था’ – and proclaiming ‘अनिल यू आर द हीरो ऑफ द टाइम’ is not just a personal accolade; it symbolizes the impact one can have on the lives of others, merely by living out one’s truth and striving towards one’s goals.

Prof. Dr. Daryani’s message encapsulates the essence of a life well-lived, one that not only achieves personal goals but also uplifts and illuminates the lives of those in its orbit.

Keep it on, God bless you, … … Your strength is your wife, your strength is blessing of your parents, your affection and dedication are of your children, without collective or jointly, … one can not achieve this stage, …. but don’t under-estimate yourself, your zeal … was given motivation, but without zeal things could not be possible, …

Prof. Dr. Daryani’s message, wrapping up with an infusion of warmth and wisdom, serves as a powerful reminder of the intricate tapestry of support and individual determination that shapes our lives.

‘Keep it on, God bless you,’ he says, a line that resonates with encouragement and a prayerful wish for continued success and divine guidance.

The acknowledgment of the crucial role of family – ‘Your strength is your wife, your strength is blessing of your parents, your affection and dedication are of your children’ – highlights a fundamental truth: our achievements are often rooted in the collective support and love we receive from those closest to us. The strength drawn from family is portrayed not just as a source of emotional support, but as a vital component of our success.

Yet, in the same breath, Prof. Dr. Daryani wisely counsels against self-underestimation. He recognizes the individual zeal and motivation as indispensable elements in one’s journey.

This balance between the collective support of loved ones and one’s own inner drive is a delicate yet powerful synergy.

‘Without collective or jointly, one cannot achieve at this stage,’ he notes, emphasizing that while we are bolstered by our relationships, the journey is ours to travel.

The final words, ‘but don’t under-estimate yourself, your zeal was given motivation, but without zeal things could not be possible,’ serve as a profound reminder that while we are part of a larger whole, our personal contributions, our inner fire and passion, are irreplaceable and essential for real achievement.

This message, in its entirety, paints a picture of life as a collaborative effort, interwoven with the threads of support, love, and personal determination.

It is a narrative that not only speaks to me personally but also echoes a universal truth about the human experience – we are as much a product of our relationships as we are of our individual will.

Prof. Dr. Daryani’s words leave a lasting impression, a guiding light that emphasizes the importance of balance between receiving support and nurturing one’s own inner strength.

… It is immaterial, what you are gaining for your personal life, … for your success, for earning the money, for name and fame, … what is your contribution toward the science … through which today you are, ….. you became a scientist, educationist …

Prof. Dr. Daryani’s message then took a turn towards a reflective and philosophical realm, emphasizing a deeper aspect of success and fulfilment.

‘It is immaterial, what you are gaining for your personal life, for your success, for earning the money, for name and fame,’ he articulated, pointing out that the material and external accolades, though significant, are not the sole indicators of true success.

This perspective shifts the focus from personal gains to the broader impact of one’s work, particularly in the realms of science and education.

It’s a reminder that the true measure of a professional life, especially one dedicated to scientific inquiry and the dissemination of knowledge, is gauged by the contributions it makes to the field and to society at large.

His words, ‘what is your contribution toward the science … through which today you are, you became a scientist, educationist,’ resonate with a profound truth about the legacy one leaves behind.

They echo the idea that our worth as professionals, and more broadly as human beings, is deeply intertwined with the value we add to our fields and the ways we enrich the lives of others through our work.

It is a call to look beyond the surface of personal achievements and to delve into the depths of how our work serves a larger purpose, how it contributes to the ongoing advancement of knowledge and the betterment of humanity.

This insight from Prof. Dr. Daryani not only adds a layer of depth to the understanding of my own journey but also serves as a guiding principle for how I view and approach my work in homeopathy and education.

It’s a reminder that being a scientist and an educationist is not just about personal milestones but about making a lasting, meaningful impact on the world of science and on the generations to come.

I feel proud of you, God bless you my dear, keep it on… More feathers will be added in your cap of success, … long live, … go ahead …

The culmination of Prof. Dr. Daryani’s message was imbued with a sense of heartfelt pride and an optimistic outlook towards the future.

‘I feel proud of you, God bless you my dear, keep it on…’ – these words, simple yet profound, reflect a deep sense of mentorship and personal connection. The pride he feels is not just in my achievements but in the journey I have undertaken.

It’s an affirmation that resonates deeply, coming from someone who has been both a guide and an observer of my professional evolution. His blessing, ‘God bless you,’ carries with it a hope for continued guidance and protection on my path.

The phrase ‘More feathers will be added in your cap of success,’ is a poetic expression of confidence in my future endeavours. It implies that the journey is far from over and that there are many more achievements to come.

Each ‘feather’ represents not just an achievement but a story of perseverance, learning, and growth. It’s a metaphor that speaks to the continuous nature of success and personal development.

Finally, the words ‘long live, go ahead’ offer a wish for endurance and encouragement to continue forging ahead.

‘Long live’ is a traditional blessing, wishing someone a journey that is not only long but also fruitful and fulfilling. ‘Go ahead’ serves as an encouraging nudge to keep moving forward, to continue making strides in the field of homeopathy and education, and to keep impacting lives positively.

This entire message, especially its closing sentiments, left me with a profound sense of gratitude and responsibility.

It’s a reminder of the impact that mentors like Prof. Dr. Daryani have on our lives, not only in shaping our professional selves but also in reinforcing our personal growth and resilience.

As I reflect on his words, I am inspired to not only live up to the expectations set by my achievements but also to strive for greater heights, adding more ‘feathers’ to my cap and continuing to make a positive impact in the world of science and education.

In closing, I extend my deepest gratitude to Prof. Dr. J.D. Daryani, not only for the invaluable wisdom and guidance he has bestowed upon me but also for the impact he has made on the lives of many others.

His words, rich with encouragement and profound insight, serve as a beacon of inspiration for all who have had the privilege of his mentorship.

His unwavering support and dedication to nurturing minds in the field of homeopathy and beyond have left an indelible mark, for which we are all eternally grateful.

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