Beyond the Pages: The Unfolding Story of ‘Boger’s Legacy’

In the world of homeopathy, the exchange of knowledge and insights is not just a practice; it is a tradition. Today, I want to share a heartening experience that reaffirms this belief, involving my recent publication, “Boger’s Legacy.”

A month ago, I sent a copy of ‘Boger’s Legacy’ to Dr. Jawahar Shah, a respected senior homeopathic practitioner in Mumbai.

Yesterday, in evening, I received a voice message from him.

My Journey: From a Student to an Author

The Beginning of a Journey into Repertory

The year was 1988. Picture a bustling campus of the prestigious Nehru Homeopathic Medical College & Hospital (NHMC), New Delhi, where young aspiring homeopaths tread with dreams in their eyes. It was here, during my final year of homeopathic graduation, that I truly embarked on my journey into the world of repertory. Regular classes were the norm, but there was something more. Something special.