Beyond the Pages: The Unfolding Story of ‘Boger’s Legacy’

In the world of homeopathy, the exchange of knowledge and insights is not just a practice; it is a tradition. Today, I want to share a heartening experience that reaffirms this belief, involving my recent publication, “Boger’s Legacy.”

A month ago, I sent a copy of ‘Boger’s Legacy’ to Dr. Jawahar Shah, a respected senior homeopathic practitioner in Mumbai.

Yesterday, in evening, I received a voice message from him.

The voice message was both surprising and gratifying. He shared that a leading practitioner of Homeopathy, visiting him, was so impressed by “Boger’s Legacy” at first sight that he loved the book and he took the book with him.

This spontaneous act of appreciation was a moment of pride and joy for me.

Understanding the value of such endorsements in our close-knit community, I immediately responded to Dr. Shah. I insisted that I would send an additional copy to him. It is a small gesture of respect towards a senior stalwart who recognized the worth of the book at first glance.

This interaction is more than just an exchange of books. It symbolizes the rich tradition of sharing and valuing knowledge in the homeopathic community. As practitioners and scholars, we stand on the shoulders of giants like Dr. C.M. Boger, and it is our collective responsibility to keep this legacy alive.

With this incidence, I am reminded of the unbroken chain of learning and teaching in homeopathy. Each conversation, each shared experience, adds to the rich tapestry of our practice.

Boger’s Legacy” is my humble contribution to this ongoing dialogue.

To my fellow homeopaths and enthusiasts: I invite you to join this journey. Share your thoughts, your experiences, and let’s continue to learn from each other.

Let’s keep the conversation going.

Dr. Anil Singhal

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