Prof. Dr. LM Khan’s Resounding Endorsement of “Boger’s Legacy”

Today, I was graced by a phone call from Prof. Dr. LM Khan, a revered personality in the field of homeopathy. His feedback on “Boger’s Legacy” has been nothing short of remarkable, and it fills me with immense gratitude and inspiration.

When he received a copy of the book, Prof. Dr. Khan immediately delved into its pages, a practice that reflects his unwavering commitment to homeopathic literature. He candidly shared that he’d never encountered such a comprehensive and illuminating work on the life and contributions of Dr. CM Boger.

Even as I write, Prof. Dr. Khan continues to immerse himself in the book, meticulously absorbing its contents page by page. What’s truly heartening is that he’s not stopping at just reading. He has assured me that he will be sharing his in-depth thoughts and insights on “Boger’s Legacy” through a forthcoming review. I eagerly await his perspective, knowing it will enrich our understanding of the book and Dr. Boger’s invaluable legacy.

Beyond the contents of the book, Prof. Dr. Khan expressed how profoundly touched he and his associates at his clinic were to see a proper acknowledgment of his contributions, especially his enlightening lectures at various platforms. It’s a testament to the interconnectedness of the homeopathic community and the sense of appreciation and support that underlines our shared journey.

I’d like to take this opportunity to express my deepest gratitude to Prof. Dr. Khan for his generosity in sharing his insights and for his instrumental contributions to the field. His support further strengthens the bridge between our collective knowledge and the wealth of wisdom passed down by stalwarts like Dr. Boger.

Keep an eye out for Prof. Dr. Khan’s forthcoming review, as we continue our journey into the world of Dr. CM Boger through “Boger’s Legacy.”

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2 thoughts on “Prof. Dr. LM Khan’s Resounding Endorsement of “Boger’s Legacy””

  1. There are few disciples or devotees of homeopathy who used or use Boger’s teachings contained in his books like Synoptic Key, properly or fully.

    Even, I, still learning, how to read and utilize BSK at bed-side.

    Dr. L.M. Khan, my homoeopathic Guru, taught each and every MM book has its own style or philosophy on which it stands. One should understand that inner philosophy to imbibe the treasure.

    My experience shows BSK is mainly used by west and central India homeopaths. Dr. Khan is exception to that.

    I learned various symptoms of different medicines like Opium, Kali iod, Nat mur, Lachesis from BSK.

    Boger’s Legacy as name says will definitely prove to be a fruitful instrument in understanding and learning Boger’s teachings esp. by current generation homeopathy.

    • Dear Dr. Ranjit Sonny,

      Your words resonate deeply with the essence of ‘Boger’s Legacy’ and the profound teachings of Dr. Boger. It’s heartening to hear your insights on the invaluable treasure that resides within Dr. Boger’s works, particularly the Synoptic Key.

      Indeed, understanding the inner philosophy of each materia medica book is akin to discovering the unique fingerprint of homeopathic wisdom it carries. Your reference to Prof. Dr. L.M. Khan, our homoeopathic Guru, adds a personal touch to this discussion. It’s through the guidance of mentors like Dr. Khan that we truly grasp the essence of these teachings.

      Your observation about the geographical influence on the usage of BSK (Boger’s Synoptic Key) is fascinating. Homeopathy’s adaptability and its varied interpretations across regions is a testament to its richness. Dr. Khan’s exceptional use of BSK serves as a beacon for those who seek to explore the depths of this work.

      I’m delighted to know that ‘Boger’s Legacy’ holds promise as a bridge between the teachings of Dr. Boger and the current generation of homeopaths. Your confidence in the book’s potential is deeply appreciated. It’s our sincere hope that this work will continue to guide practitioners like yourself in unraveling the nuances of Boger’s teachings.

      Thank you, Dr. Sonny, for sharing your thoughts and experiences. Your insights enrich the ongoing dialogue surrounding ‘Boger’s Legacy,’ making it a collaborative journey for all of us in the homeopathic community.

      Warm regards,

      Dr. Anil Singhal


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