The Unbroken Chain of Knowledge: Boger’s Legacy

In the realm of homeopathy, a discipline steeped in tradition and pioneering thought, the impact of intellectual inheritance is profound. This is a story not just of medical research and book publishing but of an academic lineage that stretches across generations. One of the pivotal figures in this lineage was Dr. Jugal Kishore, a stalwart in homeopathy.

Resilience and Revival: Dr. CM Boger’s Legacy in the Light of Fire Prevention Month

October is a significant month, especially in the United States, where it is recognized as National Fire Prevention Month. It serves as a potent reminder of the devastating impact that fire can have on our lives, our work, and our history. This month, as families across America draft and practice their fire escape plans, we too find an appropriate context to reflect upon a little-known yet profoundly transformative event in the life of Dr. C.M Boger, a luminary in the world of homeopathy.

Virus Appreciation Day: The Unlikely Catalyst for the Birth of “Boger’s Legacy”

Today marks an unusual observance known as Virus Appreciation Day. The notion of ‘appreciating’ a virus might seem paradoxical, particularly when we think back to the havoc wrought by Covid-19. Yet, the past years of suffering and solitude have also served as a strange catalyst for introspection, inspiration, and the birth of “Boger’s Legacy,” my magnum opus dedicated to the works of Dr. CM Boger.

Racing Against the Clock: The Emotional Pulse of “Boger’s Legacy”

As I delve deeper into my series of posts about ‘Behind the pages’ of “Boger’s Legacy”, I’m drawn to share a chapter that’s close to my heart. This isn’t just about facts and figures; it’s an intimate reflection, steeped in emotion and sentiment, that shaped the journey of this book.

Knowing-Doing Gap: My Journey with “Boger’s Legacy”

Every discipline or realm of knowledge presents its own set of challenges. Among the most pervasive is the “Knowing-Doing Gap,” the space separating our intellectual grasp of a concept from our capacity to apply it meaningfully. This isn’t merely about recognizing an idea, but the formidable journey from comprehension to fruitful application.

September 2nd: Serendipity, Legacy, and the Universe’s Plan

Many among us are familiar with the poignant words Steve Jobs delivered during his 2005 Stanford Commencement Address, a video that has since resonated with millions on platforms like YouTube. In this inspirational speech, he introduced the profound concept of ‘connecting the dots.’

Tracing Ink and Memories: The Guiding Hand Behind ‘Boger’s Legacy’

In the inaugural entry of the ‘Behind the Pages’ series for my book “Boger’s Legacy”, I delved deeply into the intricate journey of selecting and finalizing the topic for my postgraduation thesis in Homeopathy. It was a momentous year, 2002, filled with rigorous academic endeavors, brainstorming, and continuous refinement of ideas, all leading up to that pivotal decision.

Crafting ‘Boger’s Legacy’: A Tribute, Not a Challenge, to Homeopathy’s Titans

In the annals of mythology, Prometheus stands as a beacon of audacity, gifting humanity with the divine fire. His torch not only brought light but symbolized an age of enlightenment, progress, and empowerment. Similarly, my journey with “Boger’s Legacy” aims to illuminate the teachings and insights of Dr. CM Boger and the many giants of homeopathy.

In Retrospect: A Journey through Literature

Stage 3: A Deep Dive into Literature
File 2 represents the third stage of my research journey. As I mentioned earlier, this particular repository is replete with my hand-drawn notes, musings, and original thoughts. The predominant focus of this file was the meticulous review of existing literature.