September 2nd: Serendipity, Legacy, and the Universe’s Plan

Many among us are familiar with the poignant words Steve Jobs delivered during his 2005 Stanford Commencement Address, a video that has since resonated with millions on platforms like YouTube. In this inspirational speech, he introduced the profound concept of ‘connecting the dots.’

Jobs elucidated that our life’s experiences, though seemingly unrelated at the moment, often come together in hindsight, revealing patterns and paths that shape our destinies. He emphasized the importance of trust in the journey, even when the destination isn’t clear, urging listeners to have faith that the dots will somehow connect in the future.

After months of dedication and hard work, the ‘Boger’s Legacy’ book reached its culmination and was finally put to print. On the 1st of September, 2023, I held in my hands the tangible result of that labor, as I received the entire batch. It wasn’t just a book, but a testament to perseverance and the power of dedication.

Completing ‘Boger’s Legacy’ within this year was a personal aspiration I had fervently hoped to achieve. As the pages of the 2023 calendar turned, and eight months drifted by, a sense of gratification washed over me. This wasn’t merely another task checked off; it was a monumental milestone in my life’s journey.

Up until the 1st of September 2023, everything unfolded seamlessly, just as I had envisioned. The days were predictable, and the journey, though fulfilling, carried no surprises.

As the dawn of 2nd September 2023 broke, it seemed like any other day. My spirits were high, especially due to the excitement surrounding the distribution of ‘Boger’s Legacy’. Just the day before, I had spoken about it to my colleagues, esteemed seniors, and revered teachers. The anticipation in the air was palpable, and everyone seemed eagerly poised to receive their copy.

At times, life has a way of creating an illusion, making you believe that all is going as planned, that everything is unfolding just as you envisioned. Yet, in an unexpected twist, the very next moment can flip the narrative, and suddenly, you find yourself standing at an entirely different crossroad.

Amidst the predictable ebb and flow of my day, an unforeseen charge or electrifying spark filled my surroundings. This unexpected jolt compelled me, as if driven by a force beyond my own, to pen down the journey of my life, tracing back from my days as a student to the present moment.

In a trance-like state, I found myself engrossed for a good 5-6 hours, fervently typing away a story that was so profoundly personal and deeply intertwined with my work. Once the words took shape on the screen, I was filled with a conviction that this narrative deserved to be shared; that my friends, teachers, students, and fellow colleagues might find resonance or inspiration within its lines.

The first significant connection, the initial ‘dot’ if you will, materialized on the 2nd of September when I poured out my story, laying it bare for the world to see.

On that transformative day, the 2nd of September 2023, an idea crystallized in my mind: a vision to create a dedicated website specifically for my book, “Boger’s Legacy”.

Until the book went to print, I hadn’t entertained the thought of a dedicated website. Given that I already maintained a few websites, my initial inclination was to seamlessly incorporate “Boger’s Legacy” within one of them.

The unexpected inspiration that enveloped me on 2nd September 2023 drove me to embark on a quest for the perfect domain name for ‘Boger’s Legacy.’ Sifting through a myriad of combinations and possibilities, I eventually narrowed down my choices to a few select domain names.

The ‘.com’ domain landscape, which began its journey in 1985, witnessed a meteoric rise in popularity in India just before the turn of the millennium. Back in those feverish days of the internet boom, nearly everyone was scrambling to secure their preferred domain names. It was during this digital gold rush that I, too, ventured into the realm of domain registration, securing several domains, including one that echoed my own identity: ‘’.

In the vast expanse of the .com industry, which spans nearly four decades, it was a revelation that no one had thought to register ‘’, especially considering the significance of Dr. CM Boger’s work in the homeopathic community. It felt almost serendipitous, as if this succinct and straightforward domain had patiently waited through the sands of time, for just the right moment and purpose. And now, ‘’ has found its destined place.

In the digital age where domain names are snatched up in the blink of an eye, one can’t help but ponder the mysteries of the universe. Why had ‘’, a name inherently linked to the illustrious work of Dr. CM Boger, remained untouched for so long? The domain’s existence over four decades, undisturbed and waiting, lends itself to a narrative that transcends mere coincidence. It’s as if destiny held it in reserve, ensuring its moment of revelation aligned perfectly with the publication of ‘Boger’s Legacy’. This sudden confluence of events raises a tantalizing question: Is there a grand design at play, a cosmic plan that carefully orchestrates such moments, or is it all a dance of chance and serendipity? Whatever the answer, the timing feels nothing short of magical.

In the vast tapestry of life, where each event is like a thread weaving its own story, the 2nd of September etched itself as a significant dot. On this day, the domain ‘’ became mine. It wasn’t just any domain; it was a symbol, a digital testament to the profound work of Dr. CM Boger and the encapsulation of ‘Boger’s Legacy’. The universe, it seemed, had its own plans, aligning the stars just right. The very act of registering this domain felt like I was preserving and propagating a legacy in the modern digital world. This wasn’t merely a domain registration; it was a proclamation, a commitment to carry forward the revered work of a master into the digital age.

From that pivotal 2nd of September onwards, my dedication to the project took on an even greater intensity. Every day, I delved deeper into the rich tapestry of Boger’s work, diligently updating the site. I felt an intrinsic need to offer a glimpse into the painstaking process, the thoughts, and the experiences that went into creating ‘Boger’s Legacy’. Thus, the ‘Behind the Pages’ section of the website was born. It was more than just a chronicle of the journey; it was an invitation to readers and fellow practitioners to join me in understanding the intricate layers that form the foundation of this profound work. Every post was a step, a continuation of a journey that began with a singular vision and had now evolved into a collective celebration of homeopathy’s rich legacy.

Yesterday marked another serendipitous moment in this journey. As I sifted through my resources to curate content for the website, I stumbled upon my resource file from Dr. MP Arya. The file itself is a trove of invaluable insights, and it felt only right to share these with a wider audience. As I drafted the post and hit the ‘publish’ button on, I felt an overwhelming sense of connection. It was as if I was bridging the past with the present, sharing not just knowledge, but also the legacy and the deep-rooted passion that went into the making of ‘Boger’s Legacy’. The feedback and response from readers and fellow practitioners have only reaffirmed my belief in the universality and timelessness of Dr. Boger’s work.

In the months of April and May, as I meticulously worked on the manuscript, I chanced upon a treasured letter from Dr. Arya. The content of that letter resonated so deeply with the essence of the book that I felt compelled to include it in “Boger’s Legacy”, precisely on page 22, giving it the title “The First Step: An Inspirational Endorsement”. This letter wasn’t just a piece of correspondence; it was a testament to the journey, an affirmation of the direction in which I was headed.

Prof. Dr. MP Arya’s Letter – 2nd September

Now, as I revisited this file, a striking revelation awaited me. The date inscribed on Dr. Arya’s letter was 2nd September. The very alignment of this date with the series of events surrounding ‘Boger’s Legacy’ added yet another layer of profound significance to this journey.

The third significant dot in this intriguing sequence was the realization that exactly 20 years prior, on that very same date of 2nd September, Dr. Arya had penned down that pivotal letter. It was concerning a thesis that revolved around some of Dr. Boger’s seminal work. The profundity of this connection was not lost on me. A moment from the past, interlinked with my present endeavors, and potentially setting a trajectory for the future of homeopathic education and practice.

And in an overwhelming realization, we are drawn to the fact that Dr. CM Boger, the central figure whose teachings and legacy we venerate, took his final bow and departed from this Earth on the 2nd of September in 1935. The serendipity of these dates is uncanny and serves as a reminder that sometimes, the universe weaves narratives far more profound than we could ever script.

The confluence of these significant events is truly astounding. On the 2nd of September, Dr. Boger’s spirit departed this world, leaving behind a treasure trove of knowledge. Dr. Arya, with his unwavering endorsement, left an indelible mark on that same date, years later. Fast forward to the recent past, an inner spark compelled me to pen down the journey that culminated in ‘Boger’s Legacy’, all on this very date. Add to that the inception of, a dedicated portal to celebrate and disseminate this wisdom.

When such profound synchronicities align on a single date, spanning decades, one cannot help but wonder if the cosmos itself is weaving an intricate tapestry, hinting at a grand design. It truly feels like a cosmic conspiracy, a divine orchestration – the universe has a special plan in place.

Connecting Dots – 2nd September
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