U.S. National Puzzle Day: A Reflection on the Puzzle Pieces of My Research Journey

On this U.S. National Puzzle Day, January 29th, I find a profound connection between the intricate world of puzzles and my own journey in homeopathic research. As we celebrate the joy and cognitive benefits of puzzles, I am reminded of the complex puzzle that I navigated during my post-graduation – a journey that eventually led to the creation of “Boger’s Legacy.”

This story, which I am eager to share with my readers at cmboger.com, reflects the intricate, challenging, and ultimately rewarding nature of both puzzles and in-depth research.

Unravelling the Puzzle of Homeopathic Research

The Initial Challenge:

My post-graduate days presented me with a daunting puzzle: selecting a unique and niche topic in the field of homeopathic repertory.

I wanted to diverge from the conventional Kentian method, which was already well-explored.

The quest for something distinct was not just an academic pursuit but a personal challenge that required piecing together various elements of knowledge, history, and insight.

Discovering Dr. Sankaran and Dr. Boger:

The turning point came when I delved into the works of Dr. Sankaran and learned about Dr. C.M. Boger’s contributions.

Dr. Boger’s works, especially his Synoptic Key, presented a complex puzzle in itself – one that had evolved over time and required a deep understanding of its historical and practical contexts.

Navigating Historical Archives:

My research took me through a labyrinth of old homeopathic journals, each a puzzle piece offering clues to the evolution of Boger’s Synoptic Key.

The search was challenging and enlightening, revealing the depth and richness of homeopathic literature and history.

Editions Enigma:

A significant part of my puzzle was tracking down various editions of Boger’s works, specifically the elusive first editions of BBCR (1905) and BSK (1915).

The quest took me to numerous libraries and even to the residence clinic of late Dr. Jugal Kishore, where I first laid eyes on the first edition of BBCR.

Global Collaboration:

The journey was not solitary.

I connected with homeopathic teachers worldwide, each an expert in Boger’s work. These interactions were like connecting puzzle pieces, each adding to my understanding and shaping my research.

Synthesizing the Research:

The final picture came into view as I combined these pieces – the editions of BBCR and BSK, the unknowns about Boger’s manuscripts, and the evolving concepts in BSK.

This synthesis, after 22 years, was shared with the homeopathic community through my book “Boger’s Legacy.”

The Spectrum of Puzzles in Our Lives

Puzzles are not just physical or digital games; they are metaphors for the challenges we face in life and work.

In homeopathy, as in puzzle-solving, each piece of information, each insight, contributes to a greater understanding.

Celebrating National Puzzle Day

I encourage you to share your puzzle stories, much like I am sharing mine.

It’s a way to celebrate our collective journeys and achievements.

U.S. National Puzzle Day is a celebration of the intricate and fascinating world of puzzles, a world that mirrors the complexities and joys of in-depth research and discovery.

As I reflect on my journey in creating “Boger’s Legacy,” I am reminded of the many puzzle pieces that came together to form a complete picture.

This journey, much like a puzzle, was challenging, engaging, and deeply fulfilling.

Let’s embrace the puzzles in our lives, for they shape our understanding, build our skills, and connect us in unexpected and meaningful ways.

Dr. C.M. Boger's contributions deserve recognition. Share to enlighten!

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