From Notes to Legacy: My Two-Decade Journey with MD Thesis

In my previous post, dated 2nd September 2023, I talked about my experiences with ‘Repertory’. I began this journey back in 1988 and continued until 2023. That means I’ve been involved with it for an entire span of 35 years.

Back in 2004, once I finished my postgraduate studies in homeopathy, I took all the papers and documents I had used during my research. I organized and put them all together to create my thesis. This was the final version that I then submitted to Jaipur University for them to evaluate and grade.

While working on my thesis, I realized there was a lot of valuable information related to my topic that I hadn’t included in the final document. The reason was mainly due to the page limit set for the thesis. Even though some of the information wasn’t directly relevant to my central thesis, it was still significant when considering Boger’s work.

Following 2004, those files remained untouched. I didn’t revisit them because I felt that my postgraduate journey had come to its conclusion, and I hadn’t planned on expanding or revisiting that work.

In 2004, I took a significant leap in my professional journey by setting up a new clinic in Gurugram. To fund this venture, I made the difficult decision to sell my house. Additionally, I had borrowed money from four close friends. Starting a clinic and ensuring its success, while simultaneously managing the financial burden of repaying loans, was quite challenging. The kindness and trust shown by those who lent me money during that time is something I will always hold in high regard and remain grateful for.

Following that pivotal year in 2004, my involvement in the academic world intensified. I had the privilege of being invited as a guest lecturer or visiting faculty to three prestigious homeopathic medical colleges. My role as an educator underscored the importance of grounding my lectures in solid, credible sources. To enhance the educational experience for my students, I developed PowerPoint presentations, drawing heavily from the research I conducted for my thesis.

On numerous occasions, inquisitive students would approach me after lectures, eager to delve deeper into the material. They’d ask about the origins of certain images, or if there was a specific book or author they could refer to for further reading. It was in these moments that I realized the limitations of my resources. While I had a treasure trove of photos and information, much of it was not readily available in published form. I often found myself explaining that many of the materials I used were procured through my personal research efforts and weren’t part of any existing book.

As the sands of time slipped through the hourglass, 16 swift years elapsed. Before we knew it, the calendar turned its page to 2020. However, this year wasn’t like the ones before. A global shadow loomed large in the form of the Covid-19 pandemic. Countries around the world grappled with this unforeseen crisis, leading to the implementation of stringent measures. Among them was the imposition of lockdowns, confining many to the boundaries of their homes and reshaping our daily lives in ways we could have never anticipated.

The enforced hiatus of the lockdown initially presented an unexpected gift: the luxury of time. With the hustle and bustle of daily life momentarily paused, I felt a renewed spark of inspiration to revisit and possibly update my thesis for the benefit of students. However, as with many during this period, the unpredictable nature of Covid-19 brought along its own challenges. Being infected not once, but twice, with the virus took both a physical and emotional toll on me. These bouts of illness, coupled with the overall anxiety and uncertainty of the times, dulled my initial enthusiasm and the idea to update the thesis slowly faded into the background.

Come April 2023, with a burst of newfound determination and zeal, I once again delved into the depths of my past work. Each file was a testament to my journey, my dedication, and my passion for the subject. Opening them was like stepping into a time capsule, transporting me back to those days of rigorous research and compilation. With a clear vision and an unwavering commitment to seeing my project through, I began to meticulously sift through each document. I’m excited to give you a glimpse into my preliminary work, sharing each file and its significance with you sequentially.

File 1: Stage 1 and 2 of thesis

File 1:

Diving into the first file feels like unearthing the cornerstone of my research journey. Labelled as stage 1 and 2, this file encapsulates the initial sparks of my thought process surrounding the topic. Compiling this was a challenging endeavor. My myriad handwritten notes, filled with raw ideas and thoughts, seemed intertwined and inseparable. So, instead of splitting them, I decided to house them under one umbrella, resulting in this comprehensive file. It spans nearly 250 pages, each echoing the dedication and vigor of those initial days.

File 2: Stage 3 of thesis

File 2:

Delving into the second file unveils the progression of my research journey. Aptly marked as stage 3, this file signifies the transition into more in-depth work. An amalgamation of meticulous notes, this file emerged as a rich repository of knowledge. Most of its content centers around the “Review of Literature”, a testament to the vast swathes of literature I immersed myself in during this phase. Consequently, I earmarked it with the appropriate label to reflect its content. With a breadth spanning 250 to 300 pages, this file stands as a testament to the deeper explorations and extensive groundwork undertaken during this stage.

File 3: Stage 4 of thesis (marked by Prof. MP Arya)

File 3:

Stepping into the realms of the third file, we are ushered into the stage 4 of my academic expedition. This phase was distinctly characterized by my dynamic correspondence with my esteemed guide, Prof. MP Arya. Be it through electronic mails or the traditional postal avenues, I regularly dispatched my notes for his perusal. Within this file resides nearly the complete draft of my thesis, meticulously reviewed and annotated by Prof. Arya. His insightful feedback, sent back through post, was invaluable in refining my work. While I’ve unveiled a snippet from this collection in my book, I intend to gradually share more pages from this treasure trove in upcoming posts.

File 4: Stage 5 of thesis

File 4:

As I transitioned into stage 5, embodied within this fourth file, the growth and evolution of my work became evident. It was a period of assimilation and refinement. This file bears witness to the revisions and enhancements made, drawing inspiration from the invaluable feedback of Prof. Arya. Beyond his inputs, this repository also encapsulates other diverse pieces of information and findings that I came across during my research journey, ensuring my work was comprehensive and grounded.

File 5: Review marked by Prof. Kalia

File 5:

This file serves as a continuation of my progression through stage 5. During this phase, I had the privilege of collaborating with Prof. Kalia, a distinguished academician with expertise in the English language. Recognizing the potential of my work, he expressed keen interest in going through just the ‘Review of Literature’ section of my thesis. After handing it over, he took the time to meticulously read and critically analyze it. When I later visited his residence, he personally shared a series of suggestions, corrections, and improvements, enriching the overall depth and quality of my manuscript.

File 6: Final version of thesis

File 6: Building the Final Masterpiece

Tagged as ‘Final’, this file embodies the culmination of my relentless endeavors. Having integrated all the feedback, corrections, and insights from the preceding stages, I reached the final version of my thesis. However, bringing this thesis from digital to tangible form was a task in itself. I embarked on the challenging journey to get it printed. I aimed for 10 copies, but the sheer volume and precision required made the printing process neither quick nor flawless. Each page, each chapter, and each section underwent multiple revisions before I was satisfied with the final result.

File 7: emails related to thesis

File 7: The Digital Conversations

Preserved within this file are the tangible traces of my digital exchanges – the emails. Throughout my journey of curating and refining the thesis, I reached out to several individuals, sought their insights, discussed anomalies, and shared revelations. Every email printout serves as a testament to the collaborative spirit behind this extensive work and underscores the importance of communication in the research process. Each of these emails not only had a question or an answer but carried a piece of the story that eventually shaped my thesis topic.

Perfect bound thesis

The Final Leap: Print in a Flash

Printing is often the last leg of any literary project, and it was no different for my thesis. With all my data consolidated in a USB, I approached Mr. Saji (or as some know him, Sanjay) from Intime Reprographics, a professional acquaintance of mine. Even back in 2003, his setup was quite advanced. He owned this impressive automatic perfect binding machine which meticulously bound my thesis. That bound thesis, a manifestation of my hard work and dedication, still holds a place of pride in my collection.

What astonished me was the efficiency of the printing process. The entire thesis, with its multitude of pages, was printed in a matter of approximately 15 minutes. I remember thinking, had I attempted this at home, it would’ve easily eaten up my entire day, if not more. It was a moment of relief, witnessing the physical form of my years of research come alive so swiftly.

Hard bound thesis

The Culmination of My Endeavor

Presented before you is the final bound copy of my thesis work. It’s more than just a collection of pages and ink; it’s a testament to the dedication, time, and effort I invested over those years. Each page is a fragment of a memory, each chapter a milestone achieved. Seeing it bound and complete instills a unique sense of fulfillment and pride. This isn’t just a thesis, but a journey – a journey of knowledge, experiences, and passion. This final bound copy is the embodiment of all the hard work and the countless hours I put into bringing this thesis to life.

A Forgotten Trove of Literary Pursuits

Here’s a sight that was hidden away for years, a trove of knowledge bound together with a simple ribbon. Each of these files and the bound thesis have their own story, memories attached, and countless hours of work poured into them. Admittedly, when I preserved these documents, I had no immediate plans or intentions for them. The thought of revisiting these files was distant, almost unthinkable.

Over the span of 16 years, life took me to different places. With every change of residence, three times in total, this significant bundle journeyed with me. Despite the physical weight of the bundle, it was the emotional weight and the significance of its contents that always made me bring it along. Each time, I’d tell myself it’s a testament to my dedication, a cherished collection of a pivotal phase in my life. But I always pondered – while these are precious to me, who else might find value in this expansive literary work?

Unveiling A Two-Decade-Old Legacy

The passage of 20 years has an uncanny ability to add perspective to our actions, our accomplishments, and the treasures we’ve accumulated along the way. Today, with a mix of nostalgia and pride, I am thrilled to share with all of you this extensive body of work. Every file, every page, every handwritten note has been meticulously documented under the dedicated section titled “Behind the Pages” on this specially crafted website for the book.

And now, the grand reveal!

Boger’s Legacy

“Boger’s Legacy” – A culmination of countless hours, relentless passion, and an unwavering commitment to the world of homeopathy. As you dive into its pages, remember the journey, the stories behind its creation, and the decades of dedication that brought it to life.

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