Celebrating Homeopathy: Dr. Anil Khurana Reviews ‘Boger’s Legacy’

It is with great honor and a profound sense of gratitude that we share a recent review of the book, “Boger’s Legacy and Augmenting the Synoptic Key’s Repertory,” penned by the esteemed Dr. Anil KhuranaChairperson, National Commission for Homoeopathy and Formerly, Director General CCRH.

This review is not just an evaluation of the work but a testament to the enduring legacy of Dr. C.M. Boger and his unparalleled contributions to the field of Homoeopathy. Dr. Khurana’s insights, drawn from his vast experience and deep understanding of Homoeopathy, provide a valuable perspective on the relevance and impact of Dr. Boger’s work in our current practice.