U.S. National Puzzle Day: A Reflection on the Puzzle Pieces of My Research Journey

On this U.S. National Puzzle Day, January 29th, I find a profound connection between the intricate world of puzzles and my own journey in homeopathic research. As we celebrate the joy and cognitive benefits of puzzles, I am reminded of the complex puzzle that I navigated during my post-graduation – a journey that eventually led to the creation of “Boger’s Legacy.”

This story, which I am eager to share with my readers at cmboger.com, reflects the intricate, challenging, and ultimately rewarding nature of both puzzles and in-depth research.

The Unbroken Chain of Knowledge: Boger’s Legacy

In the realm of homeopathy, a discipline steeped in tradition and pioneering thought, the impact of intellectual inheritance is profound. This is a story not just of medical research and book publishing but of an academic lineage that stretches across generations. One of the pivotal figures in this lineage was Dr. Jugal Kishore, a stalwart in homeopathy.

Racing Against the Clock: The Emotional Pulse of “Boger’s Legacy”

As I delve deeper into my series of posts about ‘Behind the pages’ of “Boger’s Legacy”, I’m drawn to share a chapter that’s close to my heart. This isn’t just about facts and figures; it’s an intimate reflection, steeped in emotion and sentiment, that shaped the journey of this book.

Architects of Parthenon of Boger’s Legacy

In my initial post, I bared my soul about my voyage with the term ‘Repertory’ which began in 1988. Later, I invited you into the labyrinth of my thoughts by revealing the cover pages of resource files of my 2003 thesis. This was followed by a gesture of heartfelt gratitude, a public display of appreciation for the luminaries who illuminated the pathway of my research.

Gratitude in Every Page: The Journey Behind ‘Boger’s Legacy’

In the inaugural entry of the ‘Behind the Pages’ section for “Boger’s Legacy & Augmenting the Synoptic Key’s Repertory”, I delved into a deeply introspective journey. This introspection wasn’t merely a recollection, but an emotional expedition that transcended the boundaries of time. It began in 1988, during the concluding year of my BHMS studies. As a young and ambitious student, I was introduced to the intricate and profound world of the ‘Repertory’. It was then that I experienced my first in-depth interaction with the subject, a moment that would spark a lifelong passion.

My Journey: From a Student to an Author

The Beginning of a Journey into Repertory

The year was 1988. Picture a bustling campus of the prestigious Nehru Homeopathic Medical College & Hospital (NHMC), New Delhi, where young aspiring homeopaths tread with dreams in their eyes. It was here, during my final year of homeopathic graduation, that I truly embarked on my journey into the world of repertory. Regular classes were the norm, but there was something more. Something special.