Drafts, Diagrams, and Proformas: A Thesis Unfolded

File 1: The Genesis of the Thesis

File 1 stands as a testament to the inception phases—aptly labelled as stage 1 and stage 2—of my research journey. As mentioned before, this file is a treasure trove of hand-written notes that encapsulate my initial thoughts, ideas, and concepts, capturing the raw energy of my early academic endeavours.

tabbed pages from file 1

Organized Chaos: Segmentation in Thoughts

Each of my hand-written notes and fledgling ideas were meticulously sorted into the specific sections necessary for the final thesis submission. As evident, they have been tabbed methodically, ensuring a streamlined flow of thoughts and easy retrieval of specific details.

blank template 1 with filled info

The Blueprint: Premeditated Templates

Before diving into the typing phase of my thesis, I adopted a strategic approach. By designing templates and taking printouts, I could efficiently jot down pertinent information in their respective sections. What we see here exemplifies this approach—it’s a “list of figures” page, carefully planned for clarity and precision.

blank template 2 with filled info

A Systematic Approach: List of Tables

Echoing the same systematic approach, this page displays the planned “list of tables.” These pre-designed templates ensured that every piece of data found its rightful place in the final thesis.

pencil notes

The Pencil’s Touch: Preliminary Notations

Showcasing the organic and evolving nature of my research, this page vividly displays notes penned down, sometimes even with a pencil. This illustrates the spontaneity of thought capture, wherein ideas were noted the moment they struck, regardless of the instrument at hand.

pie charts

Handcrafted Visualizations: Pie Charts

Every detail mattered. Before finalizing the visual representation of data, I sketched pie charts by hand. These rudimentary drawings were crucial, providing a clear vision of how the final charts should manifest in the thesis.

remedy proforma

Rubrics Profoma: A Comprehensive Framework

This blank proforma serves a unique purpose. It was crafted to categorize and document specifics from BBCR-I, BBCR-II, and BSK-VI—capturing rubrics, remedies, and page numbers among other vital details. This organizational tool was pivotal in keeping my data structured and coherent.

remedies suggestions

The Essence: Extracting Rubrics and Remedies

Presented here are the actual sheets where the extraction of rubrics and remedies took place. These pages provide insight into the foundational elements that could be proposed for inclusion in BSK-VI.

case taking

In-depth Analysis: Case Taking Proformas

Understanding the importance of structured data collection, different case-taking proformas were developed. These facilitated comprehensive case recording, ensuring every relevant detail was captured meticulously.

master chart template

A Bird’s Eye View: Master Chart Proformas

The master chart proformas were instrumental in providing a holistic view of the collected data. They ensured that every detail, no matter how minute, was systematically recorded and easily accessible.

bibliography template

Documenting the Sources: Bibliographical References

Lastly, but by no means least, is the template dedicated to recording bibliographical references. This page underscores the importance of acknowledging sources, ensuring every piece of information, every quote, and every referenced idea was traced back to its origin, fortifying the integrity and authenticity of my research.

Each of these images serves as a window into the rigorous, methodical, and passionate journey of crafting the thesis. They illustrate the meticulous planning, the organic evolution of ideas, and the unwavering commitment to academic excellence.

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