Tracing Ink and Memories: The Guiding Hand Behind ‘Boger’s Legacy’

In the inaugural entry of the ‘Behind the Pages’ series for my book “Boger’s Legacy”, I delved deeply into the intricate journey of selecting and finalizing the topic for my postgraduation thesis in Homeopathy. It was a momentous year, 2002, filled with rigorous academic endeavors, brainstorming, and continuous refinement of ideas, all leading up to that pivotal decision.

In the subsequent post, I meticulously laid out every single one of my resource files, illuminating the intricate tapestry of research, insights, and countless revisions that culminated in the polished thesis I presented to Jaipur University. It was more than just a document; it was a manifestation of dedication, long hours, and unwavering commitment to the field of Homeopathy.

Today was a journey back in time. I carefully opened and scanned the pages of the thesis file that I had received from my esteemed guide, Prof. Dr. MP Arya, hailing from Pune. With each page, I am revealing to you not just words and diagrams, but the detailed annotations and feedback he provided, gracefully penned in a striking pink ink.

These markings are more than mere corrections; they are a testament to the rigorous scrutiny and dedication he poured into mentoring me.

I had entrusted Prof. Dr. MP Arya with over 100 pages of my raw thoughts, structured into a preliminary thesis. In return, I received a masterclass in dedication and mentorship.

Each page came back adorned with his markings, corrections, and invaluable suggestions. His hands danced over the paper, infusing it with insights and expertise. It was evident that virtually no page had escaped his meticulous attention, bearing witness to his commitment to guiding me to excellence.

This particular resource file isn’t just a collection of pages for me; it’s akin to a treasure trove. Every annotation, every correction, and every suggestion from Dr. Arya embedded within those pages encapsulates the care, knowledge, and mentorship he imparted.

It serves as both a testament to his dedication and a tangible piece of my academic journey, making it incredibly dear to my heart.

In 2003, the excitement of receiving the parcel was palpable. I can still recall the anticipation I felt as I began to sift through its contents. By my side was my daughter, a curious seven-year-old at the time, observing intently. As we went through the pages together, she noticed the plethora of annotations made by my teacher. Every page bore the meticulous markings of Dr. Arya, which to her seemed like a labyrinth of corrections and comments.

At a certain juncture, while scanning the sea of corrections, her innocent voice broke the silence. She remarked, “पापा ये तो सारा काटा हुआ है, और फिर आपको ‘सर’ ने ‘एक्सीलेंट’ दिया है।” Translating her words, she essentially pointed out, ‘Papa, everything seems to be crossed out, and yet, ‘Sir’ has labeled it as ‘Excellent’.’ Her statement wasn’t just an observation, but it carried the genuine bewilderment of a child trying to reconcile the idea of extensive corrections with the affirmation of excellence.

Her astonishment, mirrored in the pitch of her voice and the wide-eyed glare, has remained indelibly etched in my memory. Recently, when I reminisced about that moment with her, I was pleasantly surprised to discover that even after two decades, the vividness of that scene hadn’t dimmed for her either. The weight of that instance, even after 20 years, stands testament to the profound impact certain fleeting moments can leave on our hearts.

Back in 2003, within the meticulously corrected pages of the file, Prof. Dr. MP Arya had included a personal note. This letter, a symbol of his faith in my endeavors, found its rightful place in ‘Boger’s Legacy’ on page number 22. The most heartwarming line, “Yours is an excellent work, keep it up,” resonated deeply with me. It was not just a mere compliment; it was a beacon, guiding me towards the realization and eventual creation of my book.

In dedicating ‘Boger’s Legacy’ to Prof. Dr. MP Arya, I was not just adhering to a formality but paying homage to the singular guiding force behind the creation of my book. His teachings, relentless guidance, and meticulous corrections have been instrumental in shaping my understanding and approach. It’s crucial for my readers and the community to understand that it was Prof. Arya’s consistent mentoring and faith that became the bedrock of ‘Boger’s Legacy’.

His contributions aren’t just footnotes; they are the very foundation upon which every page of the book rests. While I deeply respect all my educators, it was Dr. Arya’s influence that resonated the most with me, guiding me to articulate my thoughts in the way I have in this book.

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4 thoughts on “Tracing Ink and Memories: The Guiding Hand Behind ‘Boger’s Legacy’”

  1. The transcendental experience of Dr. Anil Singhal with his guide is very inspiring and motivating. The interaction and discussions between the mentor and mentee are beneficial to both.

    I always feel that a true learner is a source of inspiration to the teacher. When such a student comes across in his career, the teacher will be more than happy to share his knowledge and wisdom.

    Dr. Arya is a walking encyclopaedia of Homoeopathy. The author is fortunate enough to find such a guide. I appreciate the endeavours of the author in transforming his thesis and experiences into a publication for the readers. This dissemination of knowledge is the need of the hour.

    I wish the author all the best in his career as a practitioner and teacher.

    Long live the Legacy of Teacher – Student intellectual relationship.

    • Dear Prof. (Dr.) SRINIVASULU GADUGU,

      Thank you immensely for your kind and insightful words. I’m humbled and moved by your recognition of the profound bond between a mentor and a mentee. Indeed, the relationship is reciprocal; a guide offers knowledge and wisdom, while a dedicated student offers a fresh perspective and endless curiosity.

      Indeed, a passionate student can invigorate a teacher’s spirit, making the journey of imparting knowledge even more fulfilling. Dr. Arya’s profound knowledge and wisdom have indeed been a guiding light in my journey, and I count myself fortunate every day for having crossed paths with such a remarkable mind.

      Your emphasis on the “dissemination of knowledge” truly resonates with me. In a world so vast and varied, sharing our experiences, learnings, and insights becomes paramount. Your support means a lot to me, and I am motivated to continue my endeavors in the world of homeopathy, both as a practitioner and a teacher.

      Lastly, your concluding line beautifully encapsulates the timeless essence of the teacher-student relationship, a legacy that has shaped civilizations and will continue to shape futures.

      Warm regards,

      Dr. Anil Singhal

  2. Marvelous work of a Mentor and Humble words of Mentee….

    My profound Gratitude and pranam to Dr M.P. Arya my Principal Sir and genius Humane Homoeopathic Physician and I remain his diagnosed humble Silicea Dr Vaishali Bhagat Vice-Principal, BVDUHMC, Pune.

    Profound Humble Dr Anil Singhal Sirji…

    I envy your Mentee – Mentor relationship and believe in God that such kind of Gem only a Diamond can carve…So well articulated and understanding the Legacy of making a Legacy statement is commendable.

    I bow down on your every single words of praise towards my Teacher Dr Arya Sir…and pray God to bestow all his Grace to Sir and esteem learned Dr Anil Singhal Sir and enlighten me on the path of truly Humane Science of Homoeopathy where our Master Samuel Hahnemann has laid and made us believe in Nature’s Therapeutic Law and the Dynamic Theory of Chronic Diseases and Miasm….

    Following his path in teaching Anatomy and Homoeopathy to students, I earnestly request you both to shower your blessings for my path of journey to fulfill my purpose of existence in serving human mankind with Humane medicine i.e. Homoeopathy.

    Long Live Homoeopathy!!!

    • Dr. (Mrs.) Vaishali Ajay Bhagat,
      Vice-Principal, BVDUHMC, Pune.

      Dear Dr. Vaishali,

      First and foremost, I am deeply touched by the warmth and respect with which you have penned down your sentiments regarding my post “Tracing Ink and Memories: The Guiding Hand Behind ‘Boger’s Legacy’.” Your profound reverence for Prof. Dr. M.P. Arya resonates deeply with my feelings for him, and it’s heartening to witness the impact he continues to make in the lives of so many.

      The mentoring relationship between a teacher and student, as you so eloquently expressed, is indeed akin to the meticulous artistry of a diamond being sculpted by a master artisan. It is through such nurturing associations that we, as homeopaths, are given the tools and insights to further our knowledge and deepen our understanding of this noble science.

      Your passion for teaching and fervent dedication to Homoeopathy, as evident from your comment, is truly commendable. Teaching Anatomy and Homoeopathy with the backdrop of Master Samuel Hahnemann’s philosophy is no small task, and it’s heartwarming to learn about your commitment to the cause. The path you’ve chosen, to combine the art and science of Homoeopathy in your teachings, will undoubtedly inspire a new generation of practitioners to carry the torch forward.

      May I add, your earnest plea for blessings is both touching and a reflection of your humility. However, let me say this – when dedication meets passion, as it clearly does in you, the universe conspires to guide and support. You don’t need to seek blessings; they are already with you.

      In conclusion, I firmly believe that with educators like you, the future of Homoeopathy is bright. I am humbled by your words and commend your dedication to both the profession and your students. As you rightly said, “Long Live Homoeopathy!” and may its practitioners continue to embody the essence of humane science as you do.

      With profound respect and best wishes,

      Dr. Anil Singhal.


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