Scribbling My Thesis with Hindi notes – Hindi Diwas

Today, the 14th of September, the nation resonates with the echoes of Hindi Diwas. A commemorative day that traces its origin back to 1949, when the Constituent Assembly took the monumental decision of adopting Hindi, scripted in Devanagari, as the official language of India.

On this special day, I wanted to give our readers a sneak peek into a ‘review file’ I often resort to. Leafing through its pages, I noticed a trend – whenever a thought or an idea struck, I instinctively penned it down in Hindi.

Growing up in Northern India, Hindi was more than just a subject in school; it was the language of our thoughts, dreams, and everyday conversations. My academic journey was deeply rooted in this language as up till the 10th grade, all my subjects were primarily taught in Hindi.

Hindi notes – Dr. Jugal Kishore

The image here captures a fond memory. In fluid Hindi strokes, it narrates my experience of visiting Dr. Jugal Kishore’s clinic, detailing every intricate thought and idea that blossomed in my mind during the visit.

Hindi notes – Dr. CM Boger

This next image delves into the complexities of understanding Dr. Boger and his unique methodologies. The page is a testament to the depth of my thoughts, all expressed seamlessly in Hindi.


Of course, as the times evolved, so did the way I expressed. Often, I found myself jotting down notes in ‘Hinglish’, a delightful fusion of Hindi and English, reflecting the modern linguistic trend.

In essence, Hindi has been an integral part of my academic and personal journey. Be it decoding complex methodologies for my thesis or simply capturing fleeting thoughts, Hindi has been my loyal companion. And today, on Hindi Diwas, it brings me immense joy to share these snippets from my life with the community. Celebrating not just a language, but an emotion that binds us all.

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